Ceramics Canada has been serving the clay industry and the ceramic arts community in Southern Alberta since 1973.

Since inception, the company has been owned and operated by people who are themselves potters. For much of its history the company maintained production pottery operations and offered pottery classes. This tradition of involvement is maintained even today. All of the staff at Ceramics Canada are either ceramic artists or potters themselves, but also have experience and backgrounds in a wide range of related arts. This allows us to maintain a broad knowledge base across our entire product line to serve our customers better. We are familiar with the performance and use of the equipment and products that we carry from our collective experience.

Our goal is to serve the clay industry and the ceramic arts community better than anyone. We maintain an in stock inventory representing as wide a range of products and equipment as possible in our 4000 square foot warehouse and retail facility.What you require is available when you need it at a competitive price and with the minimum of delay.

At Ceramics Canada we also take great pride in knowing that our customers are our friends, and that when they come to shop, they will have unparalleled, confident service, and more than likely, a good laugh!